NYC Improvisational Public Speaking

Learn the primary skill that unlocks virtually infinite life and career opportunities.

Why is public speaking cited as people’s number one fear, ABOVE DEATH?

Above death, you guys!

Probably for the same reason it’s the most useful skill on the planet: it has the power to instantly end your hopes and dreams.

Learn how to entertain audiences

Learn how to entertain audiences

People always laugh at that fact, but not me.

Our caveman brain is telling us:

“if you speak up, you might get kicked out of the tribe (i.e. certain death). Better to be the audience and not shake things up. Let the leaders do the talking.”

So, in a way, your brain is trying to protect you from something that does (or did) have the power to instantly end your hopes and dreams – in the sense that getting eaten alive by wild animals effectively does that!

But it’s a double-edged sword.

Public speaking also has the power to instantly grant your hopes and dreams.

It allows you to become the proverbial tribal leader!

I watched a 90 minute talk live at the 10X Conference last winter that netted its speaker $3 million dollars.

That’s power.

It’s a power so great, that it triggers every failure and success barrier in your psyche, instantly.

The harder something is to attain, the more valuable it is.

That’s why public speaking is the final boss you must confront to get the prize you seek (whatever that is – business, relationships, life success).

Otherwise you’re just dabbling in side missions, wasting time collecting stars or something.

No more side missions! Come learn how to beat the boss in this weekly workshop group.

Each session will be filled with laughter, tears, surprise, despair and bliss as we wrestle with ourselves to become the best group of public speakers on the planet!

How is this different than Toastmasters?

At Toastmasters meetings, you can theoretically get 1-2 minutes of improvisational speaking practice. That's in theory. In practice, the improvisational speaking section is the first thing to get thrown out the window when the meeting is running behind. I spent a month straight going to meetings. I’d take three hours out of my day every day to potentially get two measly minutes of practice.

I thought, "there must be a better way."

So I am creating that better way in the form of a group to provide the ultimate forum to practice this foundational skill.

Toastmasters will make you a competent, boring speaker at the weekly all-hands meeting. It’s for boring slideshows and canned presentations.

Toastmasters won’t turn you into a god of persuasion, someone who can move your audience to shower you with money or praise.

Maybe this won’t either, but we’re sure as hell gonna try.

Improvisational speaking is an infinitely more useful skill than canned speaking. Imagine rather than rehearsing for weeks at a time before delivering a speech, you could improvise something equally as powerful on the fly? There are people that possess this skill, and you can learn it too.

You’ll learn how to release the untapped stream-of-consciousness creative capacities that your brain is hiding from you (it’s trying to help), all while under the social pressure of a group’s gaze.

For 2+ hours every week, we’ll be facing primal fears. This is the kind of work that is the most intense… plus the most fun and rewarding!

We start in early September. Fill out this form to be notified with more details when they become available!

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