What if you could EXPONENTIALLY EXPAND your potential client reach?

what if you could deliver your pitch at scale? now You can with a VIDEO BUSINESS CARD.


What could a video like ⬆this⬆ do for your business?

How much time are you WASTING giving the same spiel over and over to gain trust of potential clients?

It gets monotonous. I know, because it was my NUMBER ONE frustration.

So I developed a tool to make your sales pitch work for you in your sleep, a video that can be shared virally…


The video business card is an introduction video that will instantly show your potential client who you are and how you can help them.

You can share via LinkedIn message or wall, Instagram feed or ads, and any other conceivable place online where your customers engage.

You’re amazing, but you need a device to communicate your value quickly and effectively.

Text-based marketing is going the way of the dodo.

Customers want to see a friendly face when they arrive at your website or social page.

Everyone is leading with video. Now that you’ve been tipped off you won’t be able to unsee it.

Video is the way to suck in the attention of your increasingly distracted audience.

You need a two minute pitch video to convey your personality and offerings quickly and effectively.

Has it been hard to get in front of your dream client? Do you know some potential clients who would love you if you could just get two minutes of their time?

Imagine if you could get those two minutes any time, day or night, and you don’t even have to be “on,” because your ideal workshopped pitch is queued up and ready to go?

It’s time to show the world how amazing your business is, and what YOU can do for them.

Now, you might be asking yourself, “why this guy?”

It all started when…

…MY MOTHER, hoping to distract us for a few minutes, sat my sister and I in front of the TV. It’s a Wonderful Life was on.


My sister immediately walked away. But I – a barely-verbal toddler – remained entranced, motionless.

Mom lost track of time. 10 minutes became an hour.

She returned to find me in the exact same spot, awestruck, mouth agape, taking in the visual feast of dancing images before me.

Not much has changed. I love cinematic images to a weirdly obsessive degree.

I worked at a video store through high school, studied film in college, detoured into sales and digital marketing after graduation (not the worst skills to have, turns out), before pursuing my first and last love in earnest: FILMMAKING.

I’ve spent the better part of a decade shooting, editing, and/or directing videos for iconic brands like Budweiser, Panera, YouTube, Reeses, Sonos, Facebook, Morgan Stanley, Johnny Walker, Tiffany’s, Seamless, American Eagle, Covergirl and Leica, and media properties like The Atlantic, Esquire, Instyle, Glamour, Complex and Harper’s Bazaar.

My work runs the content gamut, from ads (TV spots, web ads, sponsored content), documentaries, trailers, shorts, music videos and fashion films, to rips, pitches, sizzles, and manifestos for a huge array of clients, including those below:



You need someone who speaks the language of film and marketing… Someone with experience in both worlds.

My team can accomplish results that are mind-blowing considering the price advantage over the sprawling bureaucracies known as “ad agencies.” This means I can offer you agency results at a fraction of the cost.

The dirty secret of advertising is “creatives” are sometimes the least creative people in the room.

Get a visionary director who can take on the work of concepting and execution and you’ll never want for creative ideas to grow your business.

And you’re not just getting me, you’re investing in my handpicked crew of industry-leading technicians – people who can solve any challenge that arises.

Now, for the price of my theft-category rates, you too can have access to my lifetime of hard-won learnings. I’d love to partner to start a fresh relationship with people excited to grow. My calendar is quickly filling up, so hurry!

For a VERY limited time…. 

I’m offering a special introductory rate to the first FIVE people who sign up for a Video Business Card. I’ve already booked three slots, but wanted to see if this is something you think could benefit you and your business.

My rate will be SEVERAL TIMES higher for these in a couple of months, but I want to have a few great examples featuring high energy people such as yourself to start out.

These will likely cost $6,000 AND UP in just a few months time, as the business catches fire! SO this is your chance to have the most effective professional client sales too for yourself…

FOR JUST $6000 $1970.

What does this service include?

  • A professional quality, 2-minute video made by a consummate industry pro with a decade of New York production experience as a Director, Cinematographer, and Editor. 

    • Up to an hour crafting and rehearsing your sales pitch before we say “action.”

      • I’m an experienced public speaker and marketer with great instincts for a few tweaks that can take your pitch up several notches.

    • A full day, 10 hour shoot consisting of ($3000 value)

      • Half day shooting your direct-to-camera pitch

      • Half day shooting your b-roll to make your video compulsively watchable

    • 3 rounds of video editing ($1200 value)

    • Professional grade Color correction ($1000 value)

    • Audio mixing ($900 value)

    • And for this intro group, I’ll add a FREE professionally retouched photo headshot. ($500 value)

    • 9x16, 1x1 and 16x9 versions of your video for various social media platforms

You might be thinking, “I know it’s video, but that’s still a lot of money!” As someone with 10 years experience in video, trust me – it’s an absolute steal. I have lenses more expensive than that.

My director dayrate alone is above $3500. You’ll never get access to me for less than this introductory, special price.



Ask yourself this question:

If I get just one or two jobs or clients out of it, would that justify the price?

I want you to get to the point where you’re turning down all but the most elite and lucrative clientelle.

I want this one video to set you on your path to financial freedom.

Don’t wait. Take this opportunity to invest in your business with a beautiful, personal video that will take your business to the next level.

Do it now, while you’re in touch with your most motivated and visionary self.

Don’t let this offer slip away!

1,970.00 6,000.00

Invest in your business with the most effective sales tools on the planet: The VIDEO BUSINESS CARD. The price is massively reduced for the first 5 customers, so don’t wait!

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